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If painting is a language, drawing is the key that allows artists to speak and express themselves successfully. 

For this reason we open the doors of our studio to a selected number of students  in order to equip them with a strong foundation in drawing and, later on, with painting.

During their time with us the students will be able to draw and paint from either live objects or subjects in order to achieve an excellent understanding of their craft.

The lessons will be personalized for each student depending on their objectives and skills. The projects will be assigned by the instructors, and shall include cast drawing and painting, still life drawing and painting, portrait and figure drawing and painting.


The tuition cost is monthly, and will  depend on the amount of lessons the student takes per week.

-$2400.00 pesos a month per 1 day a week

-$4500.00 pesos a month per 2 days a week

-$6200.00 pesos a month per 3 days a week

-$8000.00 pesos a month per 4 days a week


An inscription payment of $2000.00 mxn will be required from each student once a year.

Trial lesson: $600.00 pesos

Cost per individual lessons without inscription: $700.00 pesos


 Students with all levels of experience are encouraged to apply as long as they show a serious work ethic and a sincere desire to learn.

We will require the applicants to send:

-5 images showing a range of the kind of work you have done.


Please submit work samples done from life as opposed to from photographs.

If your application passes review, you will be invited to interview. We prefer that candidates interview in person if possible unless they are residing overseas.


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