If painting is a language, drawing is the key that allows artists to speak and express themselves successfully. 

This course is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in drawing and, later on, with painting. It is divided into three modules, each with specific assignments.

At the end of each module an examination will take place in order to determine whether or not the student is ready to progress to the next module.

All our lessons are from either live objects or subjects; drawing or painting from photographs is strictly forbidden. Dedication and commitment are essential prerequisites for all students.

The lessons can be given in English, Spanish or French.



Module A

1. Geometric figures: sphere and cube

2. Casts: David's features, skull and portrait

3. Objets and still lifes


Module B 

1. Drawing from live model: figure and portrait

Module C

1. Painting the figure and portrait from live model

2. Still life painting

Lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


The prices depend on the amount of lessons the students take per week.

-$1500 pesos a month per 1 day a week

-$2800 pesos a month per 2 days a week

-$4000 pesos a month per 3 days a week

If none of these packs suit the student, it is possible to arrange a personalized schedule.


An inscription payment of $1000.00 mxn will be required from each student once a year.       Tel: +52 442 559 97 75

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