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Atelier Barrére-Ripoll was established in  2019 as the workplace where the founders Thibault Barrére and Paola Ripoll produce their body of works, personal and commissions.

Additionally, the space works as an art studio where a selected amount of students can come and learn the craft of drawing and painting.


Paola Ripoll (b.1994) is a Mexican painter and curator born in the city of Queretaro.  From her early years she felt seduced by the world of arts. She began her artistic education taking lessons with the two Mexican painters: Andrea Avendaño and Roman Miranda.

Her eagerness to learn more took her to take some drawing and painting lessons in Milan and Florence, until finally she established herself in the last one in order to begin her formal education at the Angel Academy of Art, where she completed the core program in 2018.

During her stay in Italy, Ripoll, had the chance to go deeper into Western art history, and art business. She enriched her studies with some courses at The Florence Academy of Art and some drawing lessons with the great Ukrainian draughtsman Sergey Chubirko at his atelier: Bottega Chiaro Scuro.

Paola´s works have been selected for several exhibitions in Europe and Mexico (including a temporary exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam). Her work can also be found in private collections. Today, she actively engages into the management and coordination of cultural events (including exhibitions, workshops and lectures).


Thibault Barrére (b. 1988)  is a French painter, engraver and co-fonder of Atelier Barrere Ripoll. He started his formation at Emile Cohl Ecole and later at The Angel Academy where he completed the Fundamental program.

Since then he has been exploring the craft and techniques of painting. Following old and contemporary recipes, he finds pleasure in grinding his paint, making his mediums, as well as building his canvases and panels.

He starts developing his works with sketches from imagination which are followed by live studies. The narrative of his work relies on several mythologies, with the attempt of a greater understanding of humanity itself.

He finds inspiration in the Baroque movement, more specifically in the design, palette, and the use of light that dominated that era.

His works have been exhibited around Europe and Mexico and can also be found in private collections.


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