Thibault Barrère (Grenoble, France 1988) and Paola Ripoll (Querétaro, México 1994) are two professional realistic painters. They met each other in Florence, Italy while pursuing their careers in painting. Their strong interest towards the arts led them to study in several schools around Europe and among some great teachers and painters like Sergey Chubirko, Roberto Ferri and Jura Bedic.


They based their training mostly in  the academic and structural drawing methods and have since been able to show and sell their work in several countries including Italy, Spain, France, Mexico and Bulgaria. Barrère and Ripoll have developed a deep and shared passion for figurative and realistic painting, mainly drawing on the old masters of XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries for their inspiration.


Furthermore, their love and dedication for painting brought them to open the doors of Atelier Barrére-Ripoll, a space funded with the purpose of giving new artists the adequate tools in order to develop masterful draftsmanship, impecable technical skills and excellent composition. Along with constant and precise critiques, the studio will provide its student the opportunity of exhibiting some of their works, by organizing open studios and student exhibitions.

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